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  • Surgical Reconstruction
  • Maxillofacial Prosthetics
  • Facial Prosthetics
  • Implant Care
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
  • Digital Technology
  • Functional Outcomes
  • Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Psychosocial Considerations

Submission for poster abstracts will close August 1, 2013

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Program Chairs
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Harry Reintsema DDS, PhD

Posters are listed in alphabetical order by Last Name, First Name.
If you do not see your name and poster title on this list and submitted an abstract paper for Poster Presentation, please contact the conference administration office ASAP to confirm that your poster will be available for presentation at the upcoming meeting.

Last,First Name Country Poster Title
Afshari, Azadeh US Fabrication of a tissue equivalent prosthesis for radiation therapy: A Case Report
Andresen, Craig US The Use of Milled Bars in Maxillofacial Rehabilitations: A Case Report
Ao, Hong-wei CN The Application of a Mechanical Jaw Opening Device in Patients at Early Stage After Maxillectomy
Bak, Sun-Yung US Case Report for Palatal Lift Prosthesis
Barrow, Vania PA Floating Maxillary Obturator in Subtotal Maxillectomy: Case Report
Bellia, Elisabetta IT Mandibular Motor Control Evaluation In Hemi-Mandibulectomy Patients Using A 'Reach-And-Hold' Task
Carrillo Acevedo, Laura Sarai MX Stent Graft in Surgery for Floor Mouth Cancer Lesion (A Case Report)
Chuka, Richelle CA Comparison of Tooth Loss between Intensity-Modulated and Conventional Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Colebeck, Amanda US Fabrication of Tongue Positioning Stent for a Partial Maxillectomy Patient
Cushen, Sarra US Tooth-Magnet-Retained Facial Prosthesis
de Lima Moreno, J. Javier UY Tomographics Protocols Analysis For Prototypes Construction
Dholam, Kanchan IN Impact of obturators on quality of life and speech in patients with acquired palatal defect at various stages of rehabilitation
Estrada, Blanca Estela MX Evaluation of Masticatory Efficiency of an Obturator Prosthesis
Feng, Zhihong CN Virtual Transplantation in Designing a Facial Prosthesis for Extensive, Crossing-Facial-Midline Maxillofacial Defects with Computer-Assisted Technology
Flores, Alejandro MX Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation of Holdenhart´s Syndrome: A Case Report
Garrido, Marayadith MX Individual Applicator For High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy in Patient with Undifferentiated Skin Carcinoma of Parietal Hairy Region
Haraguchi, Mihoko JP The Survey between Mandibulectomy and/or Glossectomy Patients and Smoking
Holanda, Geraldo Sávio Almeida BR Acrylic Resin Polymerization Following Extrinsic Pigmentation of Facial Prostheses
Ide, Yoshiaki CA Anatomical Examination of the Fibula: Digital Imaging Study for Osseointegrated Implant Installation
Ino, Teruo JP Finite Element Analysis Of The Effect Of Flabby Gum On The Stability Of The Record Base For Edentulous Patients With A Hemi-Maxillectomy
Jiao, Ting CN Rehabilitation of Maxillectomy Defects with CAD-RP Obturator Prostheses: A Pilot Study
Koyama, Shigeto JP Application of the Therapy Makeup Using the Novel Cosmetics Base Material in Patients with Craniofacial Deformity and Defect
Lazic, Vojkan RS Facial Prostheses Retained on Basally Osseointegrated Implants (BOI) – Case Report
Lima, Cacilda Chaves Morais BR Vitiligo-like Characterization of a Nasal Prosthesis for Elder Patient
Makihara, Kana JP Longevity of Abutment Teeth for Obturator Prostheses
Mattos, Beatriz BR Finite Element Analysis of Bar/Clip Retention System in Okay Class Ib, II and III Implant-Supported Obturator Prostheses
Mena, Wilfredo CR Biodynamic Phonoarticulator with Physiologic Mobility Attachment on Palatopharyngeal Insufficiency
Miyamae, Shin JP Detection of the Factors Related to the Rehabilitation of Masticatory Function for Maxillofacial Prosthetic Patients
Morales Martinez, Jesus Fernando MX Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Combined Defects: Case Report
Nunez, Jaime MX Determination of Potentially Pathogenic Microorganisms in Ocular Prosthetic Wearers
Ohkubo, Chikahiro JP Development of Artificial Tongue to Assist in Swallowing
Osorio, Jesus MX Radiation Protective Prosthetic. Case Report
Ozawa, Shogo JP Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of a Threaded Implant Insertion
Patzelt, Sebastian B.M. DE

Evaluation of Age and Beauty with the iPhone®: A Pilot Study

Pera, Paolo IT Evaluation of Puros® use in Post-Extractive Sites. Radiographic and Histological Analysis.
Reis, Heitor B. BR A Comparative Photoelastic Study Between two Types of Craniofacial Implants.
Reis, Heitor B. BR Influence of Macro-Geometry in the Primary Stabillity of Craniofacial Implants - A Pilot Study
Rivera Romero, Brenda Patricia MX Individual Appliance for Radiotherapy in Upper Lip Cancer Lesion
Ren, Weihong CN Masticatory Function Assessment of Patients with Maxillary Obturator
Rosen, Evan US Fabrication of Prosthesis for Intraoral Brachytherapy: A Case Report
Shrader, Colette US The Cover Up - Working around Existing Anatomy
Smith, Nicole US Evaluation of the Sealing Capability of Implants to Titanium and Zirconia Abutments Against Porphyromonas Gingivalis, Prevotella Intermedia, and Fusobacterium Nucleatum Under Different Screw Torque Values
Speksnijder, Caroline NL Neck and Shoulder Function in Patients Treated for Oral Malignancies; A 1-Year Prospective Cohort Study
Takebe, Jun JP The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Osteoblast Behavior and Mineralization Process
Tanner, Paul US Depigmented Skin and Phantom Color Measurements for Realistic Prostheses
Teshigawara, Daisuke JP Application of Three-Dimensional Facial Measurement Using a General-Purpose Digital Camera
Timm, Leslee US Prosthetic Auricles & Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aid Used to Augment Bone Conduction Hearing: A Case Report
van Linden van den Heuvell, Chiquit NL How Can You Help Your Gagging Patients?
van Oort, Robert NL The Construction of an Outreach Clinic for Maxillofacial Prosthetics in PMSI Center Oncological Institute in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. 2007 – 2012
Wang, Ying CH The Cosmetic Restoration of the Double Dentition Removable Denture for Adult Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate: A Case Report
Wu, Guofeng CN Intelligent Simulation and Rapid Manufacture for Facial Prostheses: Clinical Reports
Wu, Henry US Auricular Prosthesis for an Elderly Treacher Collins Syndrome Patient
Yoshioka, Fumi JP Workflow of Fabricating Facial Prosthesis Using 2 Kinds of 3D Modeling Systems
Zhang, Mengran CN The Fabrication Steps of an Open Hollow Maxillary Obturator with Metal Framework
Zou, Shiquan CN The Restoration of a Nasal Defect Accompany with Missing Maxillary Anterior Teeth-- Case Report
Zúñiga, Sergio CO The Experience of an Interdisciplinary Team in the Treatment of Oncologic Patients with Craniomaxillofacial Defects.