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To provide the best possible experience through exceptional planning, communications, creative solutions & comprehensive management.

"As I come to the end of 14 years’ service on the ICP Board, I want to say how much I have enjoyed working with RES. I’ve said it lots of times and will continue to say, RES has been essential in the development of the ICP."
C. Peter Owen
2015 President
International College of Prosthodontists (ICP)
Professor Emeritus, Department of Oral Rehabilitation
School of Oral Health Science, Faculty of Health Science
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

"We wish to place on record our sincerest thanks to you and the staff of RES Seminars for the work undertaken over the past two years for the ADT Foundation. We would ask that you pass on our heartfelt gratitude to the staff of RES Seminars for, as always, the excellent work on the 2014 ADT Conference and for their responsiveness and exercising such excellent relationship responsibility."
John Wolfaardt, BDS, MDent (Prosthodontics), PhD
President and Director
ADT Foundation

"Success is created in a positive environment and that is what we have enjoyed during the whole journey, even when the journey was tough economically. With positive attitudes, which characterized our group, it was a true pleasure working together."
Lars Andersson
International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT)
Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University, Kuwait

"I would like to offer a hearty thanks to RES for doing so much to make this week’s meeting a success. I think everyone agrees the venue was fantastic as was the neighborhood and the services were terrific."
Jeffery C. Markt, DDS
AAMP Secretary / Treasurer

"It was noted that considerable changes had evolved in the ICP web site thanks to Ms. Lynn Reeves and the team at RES."
Martin Gross & Yoshi Maeda
2013 ICP Co-Presidents

"As this is my last report as Treasurer, please allow me the indulgence of thanking all Board members over the last 8 years for their support, and in particular Eben Yancey and his team from RES, whom I know have the best interests of the ICP at heart, and have been a pleasure to work with (and learn from)."
C. Peter Owen, DDS
2011 ICP Treasurer

"ICP Strategic workshop and the Interim Board meeting recognizes RES's efforts and expert negotiations to secure the best location and rates possible for this meeting."
Shang-Wan Shin & Tom Taylor
2011 ICP Co-Presidents

"The IADT officers and board members want you to know how much we appreciate the administrative support RES has provided IADT over the past two years. It has enabled the organization to move forward far faster and more expansively than we could have imagined over this relatively short period of time."
Lars Andersson, IADT President
Alex Moule, IADT Incoming President
Lamar Hicks, IADT Treasurer

"The ICP membership process was improved considerably by an efficient online process undertaken with great success by our RES admin office."

Martin Gross
2009 ICP Membership Chair

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